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DLD, if you are in New Media, why go on to Davos?

Media mogul Hubert Burda and Klaus Schwab of WEF are good friends. For years the best parties at Davos have been Hubert Burda´s parties. But for the last 3 years Hubert Burda has hosted the best pre Davos parties as well. I am talking about DLD a party turned conference that is now delivering the three essential components of a successful event: fun, content and networking in just the right dosage. The original concept of the conference was to get people together in Munich to talk about New Media on their way to Davos. This year the question is becoming, if you are in new media and don´t have a week to spare, why go on to Davos?

Here´s a look at the conference program. As you can see it has a blend of technology issues and Davos type content. By Davos type what I mean is that what should have been a technology conference fortunately it´s way more than that without the Davos type negative connotations. Internet conferences are fine, I go to a lot of them. But the best conferences are the ones in which organizers understand that no matter how we may love technology, people in technology and new media are above all citizens of the world whose curiousity goes way beyond the Vista release (which by the way was simply not mentioned in this technology conference). So DLD´s program combines tech sessions such as “Disruptive Connections” with the likes of Hjalmar Winbladh, Jeff Pulver, Marko Ahtisaari, and Alexander Straub. Moderation: Christoph Braun with a session wit the generic name of How to be good? in which I interviewed Nicholas Negroponte, Gabriele Zedlmayer, Steve Mariotti on the challenge of trying to be good, and sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing. During this session I pointed out that trying to be good, meaning trying to save the planet, required a combination of entrepreneurship, a mostly American trait, with good old fashion dirigisme, a European and Asian trait, and the dangers of trying to be good and failing (here I used the example of how successful USA was trying to be good in the Balkans and how unsuccessful USA was trying to intervene militarily in Iraq). And when all is done at the conferences the parties and networking are amazing. Yesterday there were two parties, a blogger party that I attended hosted by top German blogger Robert Basic who I hear has a great tech blog and then Hubert Burda´s party at his amazing “bachelor pad” with a fantastic art collection. Now here´s a picture of my two favorite people of last night. Dave Sifry of Technorati who I knew very well, and Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post an amazing on line newspaper/blog that has taken America by storm. Am I the last person in the digital intelligentsia to meet Arianne? Probably but learning about the Huffington Post and her views on American politics was a wonderful way to end the evening. Watch out New York Times! Arianna is coming at full speed after your readership.

Posted on January 22, 2007