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Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security
March 8-11 2005

On March 11, 2004, ten bombs exploded on four trains during the busy rush hour in Madrid. More than 190 people died, almost two thousand were injured. It was the most devastating terrorist attack in Europe ever.

One year on, Madrid will be the setting for a unique conference of global significance, the Summit on Democracy, Terrorism and Security. Its purpose is to commemorate the victims of terrorism across the world, and to honour the courageous people of Madrid who have suffered immeasurable grief since the March 11 attacks.

Objectives and Philosophy

Against this background, the Club of Madrid aims to set the vision of a world founded on the principles and values of democracy. Indeed, the Conference aspires to become the foremost non-governmental event at which the agenda for a democratic response against terrorism is set.

The Conference rests on the idea that democratic government is the only legitimate – and still the only effective – way of fighting terrorism. Only freedom can save freedom, and the struggle against terrorism can only success by the rule of law.

Because terrorism is a global phenomenon which requires a global response, the Conference will provide a form to debate fresh ideas and alternative visions, and it will stimulate international exchange and learning based on these values. Most importantly, the Conference will formulate a comprehensive plan of action, which sets out what needs to be done ext.


The Conference will bring together global leaders and other exceptional individuals, whose experience and expertise will turn vision into reality.

It will be attended by heads of state and government, key policy-makers, leading scholars, heads of international and non-governmental organizations, business and religious leaders, as well as outstanding intellectuals, artists and journalists.

Not least, it is the citizens who are directly affected by terrorism, and therefore they cannot be absent from the debate about the responses. The Conference will give a voice to citizens from across the world, including – most prominently – the people of Madrid, as well as the friends and families of the victims of the March 11 attacks.


The Conference is organized by the Club of Madrid, an independent, non-partisan organization dedicated to strengthening democracy around the world by drawing on the unique experience and resources of almost fifty formers heads of state and government of democratic nations.

Its President is the former President of Brazil, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, and Kim Campbell, the former Prime Minister of Canada, is the Club’s Secretary-General. (For additional information on the Club, see

The Club of Madrid organizes the Conference with the support of H.M. the King of Spain, the Spanish government, as well as the local authorities of Madrid.

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