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Preventive Warfare that Works

Some choices are easy. Do you prefer democracy or dictatorship? Clean air or polluted air? Education or Ignorance? Some however are not. Here´s one. What do you prefer, oil at $30 per barrel or at $100 per barrel? If you own a car you may prefer oil at $30 per barrel. But if you think further you can see the benefits of oil at $100 per barrel: more investment in renewable energy, less traffic congestion, lower carbon emissions, higher sales of fuel efficient cars and higher use of public transportation. Now one of the problems we have in this planet is that when oil goes to $100 per barrel, there are a lot of doubtful characters who get very, very rich.

Would you like to see King Abdullah earn more billions? And how about Putin? Hugo Chavez? Qaddafi? Mahmoud Ahmadinejah? So before you start giving these leaders more of your hard earned money here´s another model of preventive warfare. It´s simple. It´s been done before and it works. Let´s tax ourselves in Europe and America to the tune of 50 cents of euro and dollar per liter. Let´s do it gradually to be able to adjust to the pain say at 10 cents per liter every 6 months and let´s have the EU and USA drive the price of gasoline at the pump. In this way what we will accomplish is that we will reduce consumption, we will bring oil price down and WE will keep the difference and use it for what WE believe is right. With a policy like this we will accomplish all the good things of higher oil prices and avoid our money going to dictators and dubious characters. To me this is preventive warfare that works.

Posted on May 3, 2006