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Ehud Olmert´s Tragic Mistake

Before last summer Hezbolah was a minority force in a Lebanon. Before last summer most Lebanese saw Hezbolah as group of fanatics funded by Syria and Iran who could not be trusted to rule Lebanon. But Nasrallah, working jointly with Ahmadinejad and Bashar Al-Asad outsmarted Ehud Olmert and thanks to his naivete have now placed Hezbollah at the center of Lebanese politics.

With a minor provocation of the kind that Sharon would have ignored, Hezbollah managed to get Israel to invade and cause so much fear in Lebanon that public opinion completely turned. And now Syria, Hezbollah´s supporter, went from being perceived mainly as an invader to being seen as a saviour mainstream party of Lebanon.

How could Olmert make so many non Hezbollah Lebanese see Hezbollah as a group they can trust? In my opinion because Ehud Olmert made the same mistake asGeorge W Bush which is basically to act so radically against radicals that in the end the radicals end up looking like moderate to most of the people they are trying to appeal to.

Posted on December 2, 2006