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Democratic Win Brings America Closer To The World

I would like to build a web site called Basically, what users of this web site would do is register and vote in the American Elections, regardless of whether they are US Citizens or not.

Why do I think foreigners should “vote” in the American Elections? For the same reason that my foundation called for and co-organized the world largest summit ever held on how democracies should fight terrorism: to give a voice to non Americans on matters that Americans think mostly theirs, but affect the whole world. For example America holds the key to cut global warming, but American voters are not yet willing to do what Europe and Asia have done, and that is to tax carbon emissions to discourage consumption. Another example is the invasion of Irak, an invasion that was opposed by the majority of the population of the world, and that still took place with horrendous results.

Of course Americans could completely ignore the voice of non Americans and continue acting regionally or globally against the wishes of the majority of the global citizenship, but if global public opinion could be presented in a coherent way to Americans, I believe that US citizens may be more prone to listen to it and voting in the US election sends a clear message.

In any case, is so far just an idea that my foundation is studying and it is not online. But without it being implemented, I think it is safe to say that probably over 80% of the world population would have voted with the US citizens who gave the Democrats control of Congress. I am also aware that Americans, while quick to intervene around the world, are particularily dismissive of criticism by foreigners; a strong support for the Democratic party from the rest of the world may actually make Democrats less likely to win a US election.

Still, I believe that as Americans begin to see the dire consequences of misguided intervention outside of the USA, they are maybe more interested in hearing what people outside of the USA have to say about their own global policy making.

Posted on November 12, 2006