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My Ranking of Countries From Best to Worst Governed

I was thinking about the countries in the world that are the best and the worst governed and I elaborated this very personal list. I did it quickly, as a kind of a game, and I may have forgotten certain countries, but the idea was to make a personal ranking that reflected my vision of the world.

I could spend a lot of time explaining why I put certain countries in certain places. I could also change my opinion. This is the same kind of thing as when you meet someone and ask them about their favorite movies, music, books, and places. All of this information only helps you to know a person better.

So here is my ranking, from best to worst

Founding Countries of the European Union, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway, Japan.

The United States, South Korea.

Israel, Chile, and the new countries of the European Union.

China, Singapore.

European Countries that do not form a part of the European Union.

Costa Rica, Uruguay.

Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, South Africa, India, Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Turkey.

UAE, Lebanon, Bermuda, Bahamas.

Indonesia, Vietnam, Qatar.

Morocco, Tunesia, Sri Lanka, Laos, Cambodia.

Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic.

Belarus, Kuwait, other ex-Soviet Republics, Nepal.

Paraguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Kenya, the rest of the Caribbean.

Cuba, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, Haiti.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Mauritania and the rest of the Muslim African countries.

North Korea.

Sub-Saharan African countries.

And this is my European Ranking

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Luxemburg and Finland.

The United Kingdom and Ireland.

Germany, France, Austria and Belgium.




Greece, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

The Czech Republic.

Poland, Hungary.



Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Ukraine.


Posted on September 14, 2006