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World´s View of USA From Bad To Worse :(

Many of us share the perception that the world´s view of the United States was much better in the 90s than now. Now BBC has released a poll entitled “World View of the US goes from Bad to Worse” that shows that respondents in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and the very United States agree on this

Personally, I think this is sad and I do hope that the enormous dissapointment that most of us felt around the world when Bush was reelected is not experienced during the next American elections and a Democratic President is chosen to run a country. Blake Fleetwood has an interesting comment on this poll. But USA is still not just the most powerful nation on the planet, which for me is if anything a negative, but the most creative nation on the planet: a clear positive.

Most of us outside the States enjoy a lot of what we have in our daily lives thanks to the creativity of American universities and companies, but a lot of these contributions to the world come from foreigners who were traditionally attracted to the openness of the USA. This attraction greatly declined with the military adventurism and repressive policies of the Bush administration. Let´s hope that the damage done by Bush, Cheney and others, can be undone and what´s great about USA finally prevails over what´s ugly about USA.

Posted on January 26, 2007