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In early May 2000, The Varsavsky Foundation made a grant in the amount of $11,282,855 ($1 for every student in Argentina) to the Argentine Ministry of Education for the creation of a national educational Internet portal.

The portal, which can be visited at, was launched on September 18, 2000. It contains educational articles, texts, interviews, games, workshops and more, designed to complement classroom learning from the primary school level to the university level. The portal will be used by students, teachers and parents alike.

The Varsavsky Foundation’s grant has helped the Argentine Government begin the formidable task of creating and collecting the educational contents for the portal, providing technology training for teachers and students and putting in place the infrastructure (electricity, telephone connections, hardware, software and internet connections) at every one of the more than 39,000 learning institutions in the country.

When the project has been successfully completed, internet penetration in Argentina will have increased from 3% of the population to more than 30%!

Posted on February 7, 2005